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Veronica Hansen

Bild pć VeronicaPersonal Facts Veronica
April 1990
Kungsbacka (with Frederick Salsten)
External services for the elderly.
Number of Races:
FR 50, RC 30
Strength as a driver:
Quick of the start and calm while driving.
Needs to work on as a driver: More driving experience and routine.
Best results: 8th NEZ Open Championship 2013

About Veronica

Veronica is now 25 years old and has been driving race cars for 10 years.

She is living with Fredrik in Kungsbacka. Veronica has always been in to cars and going fast. Her favorite place in the world is behind the wheel.

Next milestone for Veronica will be to drive the newly prepared Super 1600 car that Fredrik has put together.



Parners 2016


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