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Company History

We have worked with motorsport since 2005, in three different categories like
Rallycross, Swedish “Folkrace” (Stockrace) and Rally.

Our ambition is that it always should depend on the driver and not the cars that he I driving.
Therefor it’s very important for the team that the cars are in perfect condition before every race.
“It’s not fun to be beaten already on before you see the green light at the start grid”, as Fredrik always says

Here at Salsten Racing we are all about developing and progress to always be as prepared as possible. This work is done in our brand new workshop in Kungsbacka, Sweden.

Our future goal is to be able to drive in the biggest category “Supercar” and show everyone that with perseverance and a lot of work even a new team can compete with the top contenders in every category.

Parners 2016


Coming soon…